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Darwins Darkest Hour

Historical Drama

Winner of Best Historical Drama History Makers and nominated for Best DGC MOW

This two-hour scripted drama tells the remarkable story behind the unveiling of the most influential scientific theory of all time, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. The program is a special presentation from NOVA and National Geographic Television, written by acclaimed British screenwriter John Goldsmith and directed by John Bradshaw.

They Come Back

Drama, Horror, Mystery

A psychologist’s 10-year-old patient claims she’s being menaced by unseen forces after her parents were killed in a car accident. What’s more bizarre? The psychologist has seen these symptoms before, in a former patient who mysteriously disappeared. And the shrink worries that if she can’t unravel the workings of the 10-year-old’s psyche (and soon!), this little girl is destined for the same unknown fate

Every Second Counts 

Family, Drama

Nominated for Best DGC MOW

Like a country tune filled with the usual cliches, Hallmark Channel’s “Every Second Counts” has everything but the cheating dog driving away in a stolen pickup truck — and yet it still comes off as a heartfelt, entertaining family movie. In fact, it’s downright refreshing to see a film that isn’t some Technicolor teen fantasy. “Every Second Counts” has neither the promotional machine of Disney nor the cool factor of Nickelodeon, but as far as family dramas go, this is a summer gem.


You Lucky Dog

Family Drama

After her mother's death, Lisa (Natasha Henstridge) returns to her childhood home. It has been 20 years since her departure, and her father, Clay (Lawrence Dane), and brother, Jim (Harry Hamlin), own a financially shaky cattle farm. Jim has purchased a flock of sheep, but is without a herding dog. While Lisa is staying with her family, she goes to a shelter, where she finds Lucky, an abandoned dog. Lucky may be just what the farm, and the family, need to get back on their feet.

The Santa Squad

An unemployed art (Rebecca Dalton) teacher accepts a job with the Santa Squad to help lift the spirits of a wealthy widower Gordon (Aaron Ashmore), and his two adorable daughters. As she helps the broken family rediscover the magic of Christmas, she finds something she didn’t expect: True love.

Lifetime Christmas

Action, Drama, Comedy

English con men Pete (Neil Morrissey) and Andy (Adrian Dunbar) think they've stumbled onto a brilliant scam when, in a Chicago hotel, they're mistaken for a pair of assassins -- Terry (Donnie Wahlberg) and Tommy (Michael Rapaport) -- and receive payment for a job they have no intention of completing: the murder of major mobster Cutler (Pete Postlethwaite).




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