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John is a Canadian film director. He has a diversified career with Feature Films, MOW’s, Documentaries and Service Productions. John has worked on over 70 productions and has been featured in Variety for his work. Many of his films have been nominated for awards such as Best DGC MOW and History Makers Award.

Every Second Counts - Nominated for Best DGC MOW

Love Found in Whitbrooke Harbour - Starring Brittany Bristow & Corey Servier

The Santa Squad - Christmas MOW starring Rebecca Dalton & Aaron Ashmore

As well as Thrillers, Children's Action Adventure, Comedy, Rom Com's & Christmas MOW's

Darwin's Darkest Hour - Staring Henry Ian Cusick & Frances O'Conner. Winner of History Makers Award & Nominated for Best DGC MOW



Triggermen - Starring Pete Postlethwaite, Neil Morrissey, Adrian Dunbar, Donny Wahlberg, Michael Rapaport, Amanda Plummer & Claire Forlani

The Undertaker's Wedding - Starting Adrian Brody 

Full Disclosure - Starring Fred Ward, Christopher Plummer Rachel Ticotin & Penelope Ann Miller

Lethal Tender - Starring Jeff Fahey, Kim Coates, Carrie, Anne Moss, Gary Busey, Penelope Anne Miller & Virginia Madsen 


Darwin's Darkest Hour - MOW for National Geographic. Winner Best Historical Drame History Maker’s Award, nominated Best DGC MOW

The Battle Of Vimy - Ridge Directing the trench warfare

Service Productions - Many MADD school program drinking and driving half hour dramas.

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